The beautiful Coromandel

I have just been fortunate enough to have my son’s wedding¬†in the Coromandel. Hahei to be exact and I fell in love with the little seaside town.

As I was driving out after a fun filled few days I thought what a wonderful spot for a small meeting retreat. It can’t help but be restful and inspirational. There are no upmarket facilities but it does offer tranquility and a real time to take a break from the hectic life of the office,¬†the traffic of Auckland and just enjoy the peace, the quiet and utter beauty.

There is a charming place to stay and a perfect place for a meeting.

If you would like to hear more about it please let me know. I really think for a small meeting it would be ideal and very therapeutic. Sometimes it is refreshing to go somewhere completely different even if they don’t have the top facilities.