Our very own cowboy town.

Did you know there is a very authentic cowboy town in central North Island? Now that would get your company buzzing. All the clients need is perhaps a cowboy hat, some denims and maybe a pair of boots. The venue does all the rest. Sleep in authentic bedrooms, watch a movie in the courthouse, buy the odd forgotten item in the local store, dine in the Lucky Strike Saloon with a honky tonk piano and have loads of fun.

I met the creator of the town some 10 years ago. Such a clever man who had so much fun creating it with genuine furniture and artefacts for America. There have been many guests from USA all of whom say it is more authentic than anything they have seen in USA. I would love to help you create the most memorable event your company has had. It is probably not for winter as it does get very cold but how about planning it for late in the year or better still I think early next year.

Give it some thought and give me a ring to get prices!